Wednesday, 20 July 2011


For this SDP project I have decided to work with both flat cutting and cutting on a stand, and specificly I will work with: 
A 1878 afternoon dress from: Nora Waugh`s The cut of Women`s Clothe 1600-1930
A 1861-63 bodice from: Janet Arnold`s Patterns of Fashion 2
A 1890 and a 1917 corset from: Jill Salen`s Corsets.  

Cutting on stand: I would like to further the skills of cutting on stand from the introduction in the Defining practice unit
I want to gain confidence in cutting in order to expand the variation of projects/garments that I can take on independently from idea to final garment. 
Corsets: I would like to gain experience with different cuts and periods, in order to get a better understanding of the different cut`s and the effect on silhouettes. 
Fitting the corsets on a model; I would like to gain more experience and confidence in the fitting; both the situation and the actual fitting of the garment, to be able make the model relaxed and confident in my skills, and to get all the information needed from the fitting.
I  will aim to hand in four clear and professional patterns which I hope a maker can work from independently, backed with a diagram and photos of either a toil or the original reference. 
I expect the work to be very exiting with a good mix of challenge  with new things and a furtering of skills I previously have been introduced to. I look forward to work with both the three dimentional element of calico on the stand, the rulers and millimeters on the table, and the fittings on the models

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